Let’s Go Grocery Shopping !

Audio: Let’s Go Grocery Shopping (Please excuse the poor audio quality- my recordings are made via outdated laptop!)

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I have the privilege of working with a young woman who is nonverbal, and utilizes assistive technology (iPad and Dynavox) to make her wants, needs, and desires known. Music therapy provides an environment in which she feels comfortable to explore her abilities and express herself through her musical choices. In addition, great emphasis in our work together is placed on the acquisition and building of daily living skills (DLS)/occupational skills as she continues to progress through adolescence.

In a recent session, we focused on the DLS of grocery shopping — becoming familiar with different food groups, varieties of particular foods (e.g. bagels and hamburger buns in the category of “breads”), and placing what is needed into a shopping cart. The tangible array of foods was created using PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) cards, and the idea of a shopping cart was simulated using a small plastic basket.

Within the song, each mini-verse names the type of food/group, the reason why one would want/need to purchase items in this group, and then requests that the individual locate the picture of a particular food and place it in the shopping cart. Visual recognition of pictures or symbols associated with a task is a crucial component in acquiring and eventually mastering a DLS.

The song form is very repetitive, leaving room for addition or omission of certain parts. With this particular client, I mentioned fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, drinks, and dairy — but, you can always make the activity more specific by including categories like legumes, grains, etc.

The song is written in the key of A, and uses the I (A), IV (D), and V (E) chords. You can find the lyrics below, and a link to the audio via Mediafire. Enjoy! 🙂 –Noa

Let’s Go Grocery Shopping!


Let’s go shopping, Let’s go shopping,

Let’s go shopping at the grocery store.

Let’s go shopping, Let’s go shopping

Let’s fill our cart with food and more!

I need to buy some fruit

To keep my body healthy.

Can you put these fruits in my cart? Apple, Banana

–Thank you for putting the fruit in my cart!


I need to find some vegetables

To keep my body strong.

Can you put these vegetables in my cart? Carrot, Broccoli

–Thank you for putting the vegetables in my cart!


I need to buy some dairy foods

To make my breakfast.

Can you put these dairy foods in my cart? Eggs, Cheese

–Thank you for putting the dairy in my cart!


I need to pick out some meat

To make my meal complete.

Can you put these meats in my cart? Fish, hot dog

–Thank you for putting the meats in my cart!


I need to find some foods with breads

For sandwiches and eating snacks.

Can you put some breads in my cart? Bagel, Pretzels

–Thank you for putting the breads in my cart!


I need to grab some drinks

To sip on with my meals.

Can you put these drinks in my cart? Soda, Juice

–Thank you for putting the drinks in my cart!

We went shopping, We went shopping,

We went shopping at the grocery store!

We went shopping, We went shopping,

We filled our cart with food and more!