Lately, I’ve come across a number of music education and music therapy-related forums on which people have posted questions regarding Hanukkah, like: “What are the names of some popular Hanukkah tunes?” “Does anyone have any Hanukkah activities they like to use with their clients?” “How can I introduce the ideas and symbols of Hanukkah to my students?” As a supplement to the responses I’ve come up with thus far, I decided to write my own song highlighting [what I believe to be] the key components of Hanukkah!

From my own celebrations of Hanukkah over the past 25 years, I associate the holiday with these thoughts/images:

– “The Festival of Lights,”

– The Dreidel

– The Menorah

– Latkes (yum!).

A couple more items that could be included are Gelt- the chocolate coins used as currency in the Dreidel game, and the Hora- the traditional Jewish dance that takes place during many Jewish festivals/holidays.

Ha-nu-kkah Lyrics + Chords

Ha-nu-kkah Audio

A very happy Hanukkah and holiday season to all! More posts to come!Noa

One comment on “Ha-nu-kkah

  1. Karen says:

    Hey Noa! How about pin the candle on the menorah. If you look at my Hanukkah picture album of my decorations this year, two of my menorah’s have velcro candles and flames, making it a “manipulative!” They are not expensive! You can probably order one online!

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