Lately, I’ve come across a number of music education and music therapy-related forums on which people have posted questions regarding Hanukkah, like: “What are the names of some popular Hanukkah tunes?” “Does anyone have any Hanukkah activities they like to use with their clients?” “How can I introduce the ideas and symbols of Hanukkah to my students?” As a supplement to the responses I’ve come up with thus far, I decided to write my own song highlighting [what I believe to be] the key components of Hanukkah!

From my own celebrations of Hanukkah over the past 25 years, I associate the holiday with these thoughts/images:

– “The Festival of Lights,”

– The Dreidel

– The Menorah

– Latkes (yum!).

A couple more items that could be included are Gelt- the chocolate coins used as currency in the Dreidel game, and the Hora- the traditional Jewish dance that takes place during many Jewish festivals/holidays.

Ha-nu-kkah Lyrics + Chords

Ha-nu-kkah Audio

A very happy Hanukkah and holiday season to all! More posts to come!Noa