Take a Walk Around With Me!

ImageHowdy! This post is inspired by the weather we all have been experiencing due to SANDY. Within this song there are examples of different elements you can experience out in nature. With each sense, I coupled a body movement for my students to complete. I also, included a visual aide to help reinforce items found within nature. You can also have your students pretend to be walking during the chorus section when the words “Take a walk around with me”, are being sung! 

Hope you can utilize this intervention with your own clients! Have a great rest of the week and were looking forward to better weather! 

Audio File

Take a Walk Around With Me:


Take a walk around with me

in the nature we will be

sounds you hear, things you see

think and share with me.


I hear the trees rustling in the breeze.

I hear the crunching of the leaves.

I hear the sound of the train.

and the sound of the falling rain.


I see birds flying by.

I see a plane flying in the sky.

I see an owl sitting in a tree.

I see a squirrel running past me.


I smell flowers all different kinds.

I smell the wind blowing through the pines.

I smell the wet leaves on the ground.

I smell different things all around.


I touch the bark on the trees.

I feel dry and crunchy leaves.

I touch the many different rocks.

I touch different plants as I walk.


I taste a apple from a tree

taste the honey from the bee

taste the herbs all different kinds

lets sing this little rhyme

2 comments on “Take a Walk Around With Me!

  1. This is a real fun song and I like the sensory applications!

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