Let’s Learn About… Native Americans!

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in with us here at Allegro Harmonies.

A student of mine is just starting to learn about Native Americans in her Social Studies class. Upon learning this, I was so excited to sit down and write a tune about the people who know the land in this country best! I was SO tempted to incorporate one of my favorite Disney characters/historical figures, Pocahontas, into this tune, but I ultimately decided I needed to leave that side of my personality out of the song equation. 🙂

Since this student is in the very preliminary stages of learning about the Native Americans, I kept the “key words” in the song simple: e.g. Tribes, Moccasins, and Reservations. I’m still deciding on a chord progression to accompany these lyrics, but I thought I’d share the words in the meantime along with the follow-up worksheet to accompany the use of the song. (Lyrics sheet + WS)

Enjoy! —Noa

This School Year is Gonna RULE!

Welcome back… to school!


Noa and I have a lot of clients in schools, so we are back to being very busy! Here’s a little ditty I wrote to get my kiddos back in the groove. It’s pretty simple, and you can really change the words to suit each student. The song also has lots of opportunities for students to come up with their own ideas of things they can bring to school.

Have a wonderful 2012-2013 school year!!

This School Year is Gonna Rule! Audio

I’ve got my notebooks

I’ve got my lunch

I’ve got my pencils

all in a bunch…



Back to school, Back to school,

This school year is gonna rule!

Back to school, Back to school,

Cuz school is really cool!


I’ve got my backpack

I’ve got my friends

I’ve got my markers

Even my pens…