Let’s Make Everyday an Earth Day!

Sticking with the Earth Day theme, here is a song focusing on the true meaning of Earth Day!  During the chorus of the song I had my students learn some simple signs! I had my students sign the words, live, give, one and love during the chorus. My student always LOVE utilizing sign language within songs and it always helps with remembering the lyrics!  At the end of the song, I led a discussion with my students on ways that they could keep our Earth a clean and beautiful place and man, did they come up with some great ideas! For example, one of my student came up with “walk and don’t drive”. I love to hear what they come up with!

If you need help with learning any of the signs, you can visit a website called lifeprint.com, which you can watch a video showing you the correct signs!

The lyrics of the song were adapted from a song by Ron Brown called ,“Everyday an Earth Day”, which I found on the website Songs for Teaching. The chords and the melody are original and pretty simple using  I,IV and V.

Let me know how this song goes with your own students and how you were able to utilize it in your own work! Oh and HAPPY EARTH DAY! —Lindsey

Here’s the Audio Link!

 Make Everyday an Earth Day! 

Let’s make everyday an Earth Day!

Let’s keep the waters clean.

Every day, an Earth Day.

For the plants and creatures

in this world with me.

Let’s make everyday an Earth day!


It’s the good earth, where I live.

It’s the good earth so much to give.

The good earth number one.

The good earth that I love!

Let’s make everyday an Earth Day.

Let’s keep the skies blue.

Every day, an Earth Day!

For our friends and families,

and the animals too!

Let’s make everyday an Earth Day.

Chorus 2x:

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