Butterfly Life Cycle

Here’s a sweet little ditty about the Butterfly life cycle. Around this time of year, my students are learning about various life cycles (plants, animals, etc.). I wrote this song to teach my students the specific stages of the Butterfly life cycle, with visual aid reinforcement as well. The visual aid depicts 4 stages, with a tactile velcro component where the students can match the pictures to the corresponding stages.

This song is also useful in addressing the development of listening comprehension skills and attending to tasks. I hope you find this material as useful as it was in my practice! –Lindsey

Audio: Butterfly Life Cycle

The Butterfly Life Cycle


We all go through steps and stages,

We all go through them in our lives.

It’s called the life cycle from beginning to end:

A frog, butterfly, bird, and all of our friends


A butterfly life cycle goes through 4 steps:

First comes the eggs; not a butterfly yet!

They lay them on the leaves and trees.

First come the eggs laid on the leaves.


Next in the life cycle after the eggs-

The eggs hatch and then come a caterpillar with lots of legs.

The caterpillar eats and eats and eats

To gain power and energy for his big wings.


3rd in the life cycle after the caterpillar

Comes the cocoon/pupa stage where he lives.

The caterpillar is wrapped way up tight

To help him grow with all his might.


4th and final stage in life cycle

Is the butterfly’s final arrival!

Out he comes with his beautiful wings;

He is a beautiful wonderful thing!

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